Your heating system keeps your family safe and comfortable when the weather gets cold. One of the many problems you may notice is when it won’t turn off. Here are the primary reasons it may seem like your furnace is constantly running.

Clogged Air Filter

Your air filter seems like a basic part of your furnace, but it has one of the most important roles. If the contaminants it filters out make it deeper into your system, the entire thing will clog up and stop heating. That means the filter itself will clog and need periodic replacing.

When the filter becomes clogged, it won’t pass air effectively, causing your heater to run longer to heat your home. Therefore, if you notice your heater running unusually long cycles, this is the first thing to check.

Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat is commonly known as the brain of your heating system, telling your heater when to turn on and off. There are several problems your thermostat may encounter that will cause it to run long cycles.

The easiest problem to solve is the wrong setting on the thermostat, which makes your furnace seem like it’s running. This is the fan setting and should be set to Auto to ensure it turns off when the furnace stops cycling.

The second problem is a faulty thermostat, which may happen when it gets old. It could have a faulty temperature sensor or a non-responsive switch. Both of these are easily resolved when you replace an aging thermostat.

System Needs Maintenance

Why is My Heater Constantly Running
Your system needs routine maintenance to continue running properly. In fact, if you neglect this maintenance, you may risk voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

As your system runs, tiny contaminants collect on the heat exchanger and circulating fan. This eventually reduces the airflow through your system, preventing it from heating your home correctly. The result is longer run cycles, which can make it seem like the furnace is running longer.

Faulty Blower Motor

Your blower is responsible for circulating the air throughout your home and your system. Just like other airflow restrictions, a problem with the blower motor inhibits appropriate airflow around your home.

It could be as simple as the motor is getting ready to burn out, reducing the speed at which it spins. It may not actually be the fan motor itself, either, but may be the fan limit switch. This tells your motor when to turn on and off, and could cause it to run continuously.

Faulty Primary Controller

While the thermostat may be the brain of your heating system, the primary controller does a lot of the work. This controller is responsible for responding to the thermostat, the limit switch, and controlling the start-up, run cycle, and shutdown.

If the primary controller doesn’t register the signal from the limit switch, it may not shut your furnace down. The result is your furnace continually running. The larger concern is this could also cause your system to overheat, posing a risk to your home.

Leaky or Poorly Insulated Ductwork

Your ducts are just as important to your system as the heating function itself. If there’s a problem with transporting the heat to its destination, you might as well not expend the energy to create it in the first place. There are two primary problems you’ll run into with your ducts: leaking air and lack of insulation.

If your ducts run through unheated areas, it may allow heat transference to the air in that space. This reduces the amount of heat arriving at the destination, reducing your system’s heating efficiency.

Likewise, if your ductwork has leaks, the air won’t arrive at its intended destination. The result of both leaky and uninsulated ducts is your system running longer or continuously to achieve your desired temperature.

Blocked Vents

Air must be able to flow freely from your vents in order for your system to heat your home. If you have the vents closed or have things over them, the heat won’t make it into your living space. This leads to your system running continuously and wasting energy and your money.

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